What an action packed day VoSing was. The event is now over, and huge thanks go out to everyone who tweeted #VoSing. We had some wonderful messages and it’s a shame that we couldn’t turn every single one into a song!

You can find a selection of the videos of Duncan singing on this page and on YouTube, so if you haven't checked already, why not see if your song was selected? We've also added a great behind-the-scenes video from the VoSing event. To see even more of Duncan and the VoSing team in action, just click the video to
the right.

Plus, with the help of your tweets, we have been able to donate £10,000 to the NSPCC.

VoSing may be over now, but we’d still love to keep in touch with you on Twitter, so follow us @VoseneUK and we’ll keep you up to date with future events.

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