Where can I buy the Vosene range?

You can find the Vosene range at a variety of retailers including high street supermarkets, chemists and online. Visit our where to buy page for full information.

What countries are Vosene products sold in?

We currently only sell our products in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

Can I buy Vosene products directly from you?

Unfortunately, we don’t sell our products directly to consumers. You can buy them from a range of high street and online retailers. A full list can be found here

Are Vosene products suitable for all hair types?

Yes, Vosene shampoos are suitable for all hair types.

Are Vosene shampoos suitable for vegans?

No, our products are not suitable for vegans.

How often can I use Vosene products? Can I use them every day?

Yes. All our products can be used daily.

Are Vosene shampoos safe to use while pregnant?

Our Vosene shampoos have not been specifically tested for use when pregnant. We therefore recommend you speak to your pharmacist or GP for advice on this.

Are Vosene Shampoos dermatologically tested?

Yes. All our shampoos are dermatologically tested.

Are Vosene shampoos tested on animals?

We do not test any of our products on animals, nor use manufacturers who test on animals.

How often do I need to use Vosene to help prevent dandruff?

Ideally anti-dandruff shampoos should be used at least three times a week, as regular use will ease flakes and itching.

How quickly should I see results?

Our formulations are specifically designed to start providing protection against dandruff from the first use.

Is Vosene safe for young children?

Our shampoos are specially formulated to be suitable for all the family. However, we would only advise it for use on children over the age of six with advice from your GP. We also have a dedicated kids range which is specifically designed for little ones. You can find more details here.  

Are Vosene shampoos recyclable?

Yes, the cap and bottle for all our products can be recycled.

I’ve looked at the retailers listed on the “where to buy” page but can’t find any Vosene shampoos in my local stores.

Unfortunately, our shampoos are not stocked in all the retailers’ stores. If you would like to know whether your local store stocks our products, or which store closest to you sells our products, we recommend you contact the retailer directly.