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Just washing your hair will help to remove flakes, but anti-dandruff shampoos also contain special ingredients to control yeasts or reduce inflammation on your scalp. Vosene anti-dandruff products are designed to be used by the whole family. Ideally the anti-dandruff shampoo should be used at least three times a week, as regular use will ease flakes and itching. If you use a conditioner, then ensure it is an anti-dandruff one - this will increase the effectiveness of the regime (against an ordinary conditioner). When the treatment stops, it is natural for the Malassezia Yeasts to return along with the flaky by-products.

The table below shows the most common active ingredients and their primary activity:

Active ingredient

Principal anti-dandruff activity

Vosene Product

Salicylic acid Slows skin cell turnover (flaking) Original, Activating
Controls excessive skin oiliness
Relieves itching
Zinc pyrithione Antibacterial Frequent, 2in1, Citrus Refresh, Men’s, Colour Protect
Relieves itching

Ideally anti-dandruff shampoos should be used at least three times a week, as regular use will ease flakes and itching.

Our formulations are specifically designed to start providing protection against dandruff from the first use.

Our shampoos are specially formulated to be suitable for all the family, although we would not recommend they are used on children under the age of 12 months (except the Original Medicated shampoo where we recommend that children under the ages of three years should not use it).